​​Up until now,  the High-End audio industry has remained committed to utilizesing a combintation of analog and digital components, never fully embracing digital as the premier way to assemble an audio system. Until as few as 3 years ago, digital technologies exhibited performance limitations preventing them from being the go to for audiophile level systems.

For the past 4 years Gayle Sanders and the team at EIkon audio have worked day in, day out to remove those technological limitations. Through careful and competent state of the art engineering, the promise of Digital can now be realized in one uncompromised, high performance, ultimate reference level system, the IMAGE1.


Integrated Reference Music System

​​Combining multiple cutting edge techonolgies into one fully optimized system allows performance transending the limitations of traditional component systems.​

Eikon developed our  version of a perfect, 3 way DSP integrated digital audio based speaker system using the latest advances in Streaming and hi-resolution music server connectivity. Seperate, on board powered amplification for all drivers allow us to tailor each driver individually. Using our proprietary  time aligned  wave guided bass launch systems to digitally allign the front and rear woofers down to a 10th of a milisecond, minimizing rear and side wall interaction. Coupled with advanced  “Wavelet” signal processing in our S-TRO correction system to achieve superior room control over traditional FFT based systems, controlling the build up of resonant modes in any room allowing for clean presice sound in any enviroment. Our programmable user interface tabs allow for personalized performance, custom suited for your individual tastes. 

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Commitment to Performance 
Space-Time Room Optimization

System Specifications




-Active Digital Loudspeaker with iOS/Android remote control

-Integrated Hi Resolution 8 Channel DAC Driving individuall dedicated amplifiers per drive

-Asynchronous USB audio 24bit 44.1-96 kHz
 PCM up to 352.8 kHZ
-SPDIF, 24bit, 44.1 - 96 kHz TosLink, 24bit, 44.1 - 96 kHz

-Super inert, constrained layer cabinet construction

-"Wavelet" based S-TRO room analysis

-User programmable profile maps

8 balanced XLR output connections.
0 dBFS*1 = 8 dBV*2, 33 Ohm output impendence. An analog output level increase of 6 dB is available through internal jumpers offering 0 dBFS = 14 dBV 8 unbalanced output chanels an 8 RCA conncetors. 0 dBFS*1 = 8 dBV*2, 33 Ohm output impendence. Control Interface Ethernet, TP-Cable & WLAN
Piano gloss black 
Aditional finishes coming soon


42" (H) x 9.5"(W) x 15" (D)
80 lbs. each


SPDIF 24 bit, 96kHz TosLink, 24 bit, 96kHz

24Hz - 24kHz +/- 2dB

system price: $24'500