Behind EIKON

The best people help create the best products.
Founded by 30+ year industy veteran Gayle Sanders, Eikon Audio Strives to bring the High-End audio world to the 21st century with our revolutionary technology and meticulous attention to detail.
Gayle Sanders, a 30+ year industry leader and technological pioneer, Gayle has had a hand in almost every aspect of speaker design and construction and is known for his meticulous efforts in the pursuit of perfection.
Evan Fahr, our young digital genius started in 2015 helping refine and compile the initial CAD and CNC files for the highly detailed cabinet of the IMAGE1. With his huge talents he's now in demand on all fronts within Eikon; digitally, technically, and operationally.
​​Bernt Böhmer our digital maven from Lund Sweden is responsible for a number of iconic reference products in the audio halls. The mastermind behind the wavelet technology and the digital magic behind the IMAGE1.​​​​
Stephanie Lopez Hayna, our master degree industrial engineer works side-by-side with Gayle documenting and refining all elements of the IMAGE1's form, factor, and overall manufacturability.
Sue Toscano,  our wonderful PR person. Sue’s vast talents and deep experience in the Audio industry resulted in her becoming invaluable  to promotional marketing and every aspect of visual contact with our family of audio lovers.​​​